10851 Pins

Release Date/Time: 7/16/2013 1:27 PM

Incident: 10851 Pins

Report #: N/A

Date: Tuesday, 7/16/2013

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: 200 Lincoln Ave.

Officers Zach Dunagan and Anthony Parker received 10851 Pins and Officers Scott Sutton, Robert Balaoro, Raul Rosales, and Jacky Bohn received their Master 10851 Pins. The 10851 Pin is named after the California Vehicle Code section for Grand Theft Auto and is given to officers to recognize their outstanding efforts in the recovery of stolen vehicles. The 10851 Pins are a collaboration between the California Highway Patrol and AAA Insurance and were first awarded in 1979.

There are three ways an officer can earn a pin in a year's time.

  1. The officer recovers 6 occupied stolen vehicles.
  2. The officer recovers a total of 12 stolen vehicles with at least three of them being occupied.
  3. The officer discovers an auto theft ring in which at least two suspects are arrested and ten vehicles are recovered.

An officer receives a Master Pin the 5th time he earns the award.

Auto theft has been an ongoing problem in Salinas with an average of nearly 3 stolen cars per day. 'The dedication of these officers has helped the Salinas Police Department recover a large number of these stolen vehicles and has prevented many more by bringing these car thieves to justice,” said Sergeant Gerry Ross. The officers receiving the awards recovered over $500,000 in property.  

Release Authorized by: Gerard Ross

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