Release Date/Time: 8/9/2013 10:32 AM

Incident: 459PC

Report #: 13-080309

Date: Wednesday, 8/7/2013

Time: 1:21 PM

Location: 1600 Blk of Marshfield Ct.

A 17 year-old female heard the doorbell ring at her family home and looked out from her 2nd floor window. She saw a car that was unfamiliar to her parked in front of the house and the subject who rang the doorbell walk to the car, get in and drive off.  A short time later, the resident saw two male subjects jump her fence into the backyard and break a window at the rear of her residence.  Being the lone occupant in the house at the time, she locked herself in her room and called 911. The two subjects entered the house through the broken window and began looking for items to steal.  When officers were in the area, the driver of the suspect vehicle, later identified as 18 year-old Eddie Oseguera, was able to alert the two inside the house of our arrival. Oseguera left on foot, leaving the car behind. The two subjects fled the victim residence, hopping fences through the neighborhood.  With assistance from Salinas Police detectives, Monterey County Sheriff's personnel and Monterey County Probation officers, we were able to find a 16 year-old suspect hiding in a nearby backyard and take him into custody.  During the lengthy search, Oseguera had made good on his getaway but returned in another vehicle to pick up his conspirators.  As he drove by officers, he was identified by a witness as being involved and officers were able to stop him in the area.  Oseguera was identified as being the subject that originally rang the doorbell to the victim residence and he was arrested. The search for the remaining suspect was negative but detectives are following up on leads to his identity.

Oseguera was booked into the Monterey County jail for burglary and conspiracy.  The juvenile was booked into Juvenile Hall for burglary and conspiracy charges, as well.


Release Authorized by: Christopher Lane

Telephone: (831) 758-7250