Armed Robbery/Officer Involved Shooting

Officers responded to the area of East Market St and Pajaro St. regarding a disturbance where it was reported that a handgun had been brandished.  The suspect, who was first described as an adult Hispanic male with a shaved head, blue jean and white shirt, was later confirmed  to be a 44 year old female who had a male appearance.  At  this time, the 44 year females identity will not be released.

Initial reports of the crime described the suspect as being armed and to have a black handgun concealed inside the waistband.  Officers arrived shortly after receiving the emergency dispatch and noticed the described suspect to be on the sidewalk walking away from the scene.   When Officers verbally challenged the suspect, the suspect failed to follow the officers commands and reached towards the waistband where a dark metallic object was tucked and had the appearance of a handgun.  Despite being given stern warnings by the officer to comply the suspect made deliberate movements towards the waistband where the metallic object was tucked and  in plain view.  As a result, the officer responded to the threat and shot the female suspect.

Initial investigation revealed that while the female suspect was walking through the parking lot of City Suds Laundromat  located at 101 Pajaro St., she attempted to rob a adult male customer while gesturing to a dark metallic object tucked inside the front of her pants.  When the male refused to provide the suspect money the suspect then walked into the business  and similarly brandishing the weapon, described as a handgun,  at an adult female and her child.  The suspect then demanded money and was able to rob the victims of an undisclosed amount of money.  The suspect then fled the business onto E. Market St. where she was confronted by the involved officers.

The involved Officer was uninjured a result of the confrontation.   The described weapon used by the suspect was later found to be a large knife with a metallic handle.

 The suspect was transported to a bay area hospital for gunshot wounds and her condition is not known at this time. It was also reported that a white full size pick-up truck was nearby during the shooting and a passenger may have witnessed the incident.  This person is asked to contact Salinas Police Department.

Anyone with information that may aid in this investigation is urged to contact the Salinas Police Department @ (831) 758-7226.    All press related inquires should be directed to Investigations Commander Vincent Maiorana @ (831) 758-7350.