Armed Robbery/Officer Involved Shooting **UPDATE** Occurred 9/19


Refer to previous press release for futher information.

This is an update to the press release issued on September 19, 2013 regarding the Robbery and Officer Involved Shooting that occurred at E. Market St. & Pajaro St.

Since this incident took place Salinas Police Detectives have been working diligently gathering evidence.  What investigators have been able to determine thus far based upon credible witness accounts and evidence collected at the scene was the suspect in this case was in fact armed with a large knife and had reached for the weapon that was tucked in her waistband and in plain view of the officer.

The suspect in this case is identified as Charlene Hale (44) a Salinas resident.  Hale is still hospitalized at a bay area hospital receiving treatment for her injuries.

All media inquiries should be directed to Commander Vincent Maiorana @ 831.758.7350.