Attempted Homicide

Release Date/Time: 5/17/2014 12:43 AM

Incident: Attempted Homicide

Report #: 14-050845

Date: Friday, 5/16/2014

Time: 11:20 PM

Location: 1100 block of Cortez

Officers responded to a report of shots fired into a house at the above address. A group of 10-12 males and females were in front of the house when a HM in his 20's walked up to the group with a simi-auto gun in his hand. The suspect pointed it at the crowd and fired, but the gun misfired. The suspect racked a live round out and aimed back at the crowd and shot 1 round, missing everyone. He attempted to fire again, but had another misfire. The group ran into the house, followed by the suspect, who was attempting to shoot them. The suspect chased the group into a back room until they were all stuck in a corner. The suspect pointed his gun into the middle of them and pulled the trigger – another misfire. He racked another live round out of the gun, leveled it and began pulling the trigger - nothing but misfires. The suspect then ran out of the house and into a white Honda type car, which fled toward Mae. Nobody in the group was injured. Several live rounds were recovered and one spent casing. A BOL was placed.

Release Authorized by: Michael Groves, Commander

Telephone: (831) 758-7250