City Wide Directed Enforcement

Release Date/Time: 8/3/2013 12:45 AM

Incident: City Wide Directed Enforcement

Date: Friday, 8/2/2013

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Salinas

In response to the recent spike in violence in the City of Salinas, the Salinas Police Department (through its partnerships at the Law Enforcement Operations Center) requested assistance from allied agencies to assist in directed enforcement and messaging to individuals who may be likely to participate in ongoing violence.

Based on data and intelligence, a number of various law enforcement techniques were  utilized in order to maximize the efforts effectiveness.

Participating agencies paid their own costs in assisting the Salinas Police Department.  Led by members of the Monterey County Joint Gang Task Force, The Monterey County Narcotics/Violent Crimes Task Force, and the Salinas Police Department's Violence Suppression Unit, Approximately 70 officers from local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies participated.  We are grateful to the following agencies for their assistance and participation:

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Homeland Security Investigations, United States Marshall's Office, CA State Parole, Monterey County Probation, California Highway Patrol, Monterey County Sheriff's Office, Soledad Police Department, Greenfield Police Department, and the Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Task Force,

In all, 10 residential Probation/Parole searches were conducted, over 70 traffic stops, and numerous pedestrian checks were conducted in areas known for gang activity or recent acts of violence. While not all names are available at this time, arrested were:

 Germain Jimenez, Misdemeanor warrants

Jose Guadalupe Castro, Felony Warrants

Jesse Martinez, Parole Violation

 Recia Esteban, Felony Warrants

 Jose Alvarado, Narcotics Possession

 Jesus Chiquito, Narcotics Possession

 Miguel Villa, Narcotics Possession

 Ruben Garcia,Narcotics Possession

Perez DeLa Torre, Probation Violation

 Jesus Toparedes, Narcotics Possession

 Angel Perez, Probation Violation

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper, Task Force Commander

                                         Monterey County Joint Gang Task Force

                                         Monterey County Narcotics/Violent Crimes Task Force

Telephone: (831) 758-7041