Driving Under the Influence

As previously released to inquiring media outlets, the Salinas Police Department arrested an off-duty Salinas Police Officer for driving under the influence during the afternoon hours of April 26th.  The officer was processed and eventually cited and released because the officer met the requirements for cite and release under the departmen's policy.  Many media organizations have inquired about the department's cite and release policy.  Those media organizations that have requested a copy of the Salinas Police Department's cite and release policy have been provided a copy of the policy.  Many of the questions and/or concerns have centered around whether the Salinas Police Department provided preferential treatment to the officer by citing and releasing the officer rather than booking the officer into the Monterey County Jail.  The Department reviewed driving under the influence arrest records since the beginning of the year.  Of the 76 persons arrested for driving under the influence by the Salinas Police Department, 17 people were cited and released and 59 were booked into the Monterey County Jail.  This means just over 22% of the people arrested for driving under the influence met the criteria per department policy and were cited and released after being arrested for driving under the influence.  Of the persons not cited and released, some of the following reasons were noted for not citing the person and releasing them:

  • Was on parole
  • Caused an injury accident
  • Were extremely intoxicated with a very high blood alcohol level
  • Had warrants from other criminal cases
  • Had prior driving under the influence convictions
  • Were arrested for felony charges in addition to driving under the influence
  • Drug possession
  • Was driving on a suspended license
  • Ran from the police (likely to flee from prosecution)
  • Was involved in a hit and run accident (likely to flee from prosecution)
  • No verifiable identification