Retirement of Deputy Chief Cassie McSorley

Deputy Chief Cassie McSorley will be retiring today after 30 years of service to the City of Salinas as a Salinas Police Officer. A retirement ceremony and final briefing shall be held today, July 11th, at 3:00 PM, at the City Rotunda.

Cassie was hired by the Salinas Police Department on July 6, 1983 at the age of 23.  As an officer, she worked Patrol and was assigned to a DUI enforcement team for almost two years.

Cassie was promoted to the rank of Police Specialist/Corporal in 1988.  She served as a Field Training Officer, training new police officer hires, and as a detective in the Vice/Narcotic Unit while at that rank.

Cassie was promoted to sergeant in 1989 and resumed working in Patrol as a supervisor.  As a sergeant, she worked all three Patrol shifts and in the Special Operations/Traffic Unit.

In 1993, Cassie was promoted to lieutenant.  She returned to Patrol and served as a watch commander.  In addition to Patrol, Cassie worked in Administration and Special Operations as a Lieutenant.

In December, 1997, Cassie was promoted to Police Captain and in 2003 she was promoted to Deputy Chief.  As Captain and Deputy Chief, Cassie worked in all three divisions of the Police Department, several times over.

Throughout her career, she received numerous commendations, recommendations and awards.  She was acting Police Chief on numerous occasions.  Cassie obtained a Bachelor's degree in Administration of Justice from San Jose State University and completed graduate studies at University of San Francisco in Organizational Development.

Cassie has always been deeply involved in serving the community, from the early community policing initiatives in the 10/20 Block and Acosta Plaza to more recent endeavors.  She volunteers for many local causes and has served on a number of non-profit board of directors, including the Salinas Rotary Club, Sun Street Centers, Partners for Peace, Salinas Police Activities League and others.

Cassie founded the Salinas Police Department Relay for life team and was team captain in 2001 and 2002.

Cassie was instrumental in establishing the first in-house training programs (annual Advanced Officer Training), as well as some of the specialized training teams, such as Defensive Tactics, Officer Safety, Taser, etc.  She served on the first Hostage Negotiation Team in the 1980's.  She worked with several others to establish the curriculum for the first Crisis Intervention Team training and policy development for Monterey County agencies.

Cassie has worked for six Police Chiefs and a myriad of talented officers and civilians.