Release Date/Time: 3/20/2014 9:24 PM

Incident: Robbery

Report #: 14-031061

Date: Thursday, 3/20/2014

Time: 6:41 PM

Location: 975 N. Main - Jack in the Box

A Hispanic male, in this mid 30's, wearing a trash bag over his shirt and a long sleeve shirt walked into the Jack-in-the-Box holding a simi-auto handgun. He started waiving the gun in front of the customers, then jumped the counter and told employees to open the cash registers. He then started pointing the gun at employees' heads and at one point put the gun in a victim's mouth. The suspect grabbed the money and put in a duffel bag. He jumped back over the counter and robbed a customer. He then left the store, got on a bicycle and rode south on N. Main St.

Release Authorized by: Michael Groves

Telephone: (831) 758-7250