Salinas High School students assisting a person in need of medical attention

On 8-22-13 at approx. 12:45 hours a female in her 60's was walking on the sidewalk in front of Salinas High School and stumbled and fell, striking her head on the concrete. She suffered a deep cut on her forehead, which heavily bled. Approximately ten Salinas High School students were returning to campus from lunch and saw the person fall. They immediately went to her aid. One student called 911, another used the victim's cell phone to call her friend, and several gave the victim napkins to help stop the bleeding and kept talking to her, keeping her calm. The students stayed with the victim until police and medical personnel arrived. Once we were there, they asked several times if there was anything else they could do. When we assured them there was not, they then left to go back to class.

The victim was very grateful to the students for taking the time to stop and help her. She did not know any of them and they left before we could get their names.

This news release is being generated to thank the unnamed students of Salinas High School for their assistance and willingness to help a stranger in need.