Salinas Police Department Award Ceremony

It is with great pride that I invite you to attend the Salinas Police Department Awards Ceremony where we will honor the heroic acts of our Salinas Police officers. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 1:00pm in the Salinas Room at the National Steinbeck Center at One Main Street. We will present the following awards:



Salinas Police Department Medal of Valor to:


Officer Nicholas Gebel                      Officer Joel Sanchez

Officer Robert Miller                          Officer Chris Silva

Officer Ron Pemberton                     Officer Anthony Parker



Salinas Police Department Outstanding Duty Award to:


Sergeant Dana Cornelison                  Sergeant John Murray

Sergeant Eulalio Villegas                    Officer Danny Warner

Officer Robert Miller                            Officer Stephen Craig

Officer Justin Heckman                       Officer Bryan McKinley

Officer Kevin Mead                             Officer Mike Rivera

Officer Christopher Balaoro                Officer Carlo Calupad

Officer Alejandro Zamora                   Officer Dale Fors

Officer Mario Reyes                           Officer Jeff Alford

Officer Scott Gemette                        Officer John McNeil

Officer Jacky Bohn                            Officer Mario Reyes

Officer John McNeil                           Officer Gabe Gonzalez

Officer Gabe Carvey                          Officer Val Paredez

Officer Gabe Gonzalez                      Officer Jared Sivertson

Officer Ken Ellsworth                         Officer Kevin Mead

Officer Martin Persijn                         Officer Justin Heckman

Officer Ciro Barboza                          Officer Robert Zuniga

Officer Joseph Kinney                       Officer Manuel Lopez

Officer Anthony Yates