Scam Alert

Release Date/Time: 5/6/2013 4:59 PM

Incident: Scam Alert

Date: Monday, 5/6/2013

Time: 4:59 PM

Location: City of Salinas

Salinas Police Department has become aware of two different scams, in the city, that we want to make the community aware of.  The first one is targeting citizens by phone offering to sell an I phone, set up with discount calling plans to Mexico. The unsuspecting consumer is asked to send $400 for what is expected to be an I phone set up with "guaranteed " discount calling plans. Later, the consumer receives a cheap "tracfone" prepaid cellular phone with information regarding calling plans and calling cards to make international calls. The person calling and the company involved appear to be legitimate at first but its simply a scam targeting primarily Spanish sparking consumers.

The second scam to hit Salinas recently is the scam which usually take place in a parking lot. The suspect "salesman" stops a consumer in the lot and offers to sell an expensive MTS home theater system which normally sells for several thousand dollars but because of financial problems the suspect is willing to sell it cheaper. The scam artist even presents an invoice for the theater system "proving " that its the real thing. Once the victim falls for the scam and loses several hundred dollars, the scam artist retrieves an impressive looking boxed theater system that appears factory sealed. The consumer later finds a cheap, low quality substitution. Buyer Beware !

Release Authorized by: Officer Miguel Cabrera

Telephone: 758-7348