Release Date/Time: 11/5/2013 10:40 AM

Incident: Shooting

Report #: 13-110182

Date: Monday, 11/4/2013

Time: 9:31 PM

Location: PL 980 Acosta Plaza

Officers responded to a past tense shooting in the PL of 980 Acosta Plaza. A 36 Hispanic male had just parked his car in the lot and heard a loud bang. He did not realize it was a shot gun blast fired at his driver's door. He continued to sit in the front seat of his car. Approx. 5 minutes later he heard another bang, this time his rear passenger window was shot out and he was hit with several shotgun pellets in his upper back. The wounds did not appear life-threatening. The victim did not see anybody prior, or after the shooting and claims no gang affiliation.  The victim agreed to go to the hospital to be checked out for his injuries.

Release Authorized by: Michael Groves

Telephone: (831) 758-7250