Structure Fire & Unrelated Possession of Illegal Fireworks

Release Date/Time: 7/1/2013 12:37 AM

Incident: Structure Fire & Unrelated Possession of Illegal Fireworks

Report #: 13-061457

Date: Sunday, 6/30/2013

Time: 4:58 PM

Location: 1100-block of San Ysidro Wy.

Officers responded with Salinas Fire to a reported structure fire in1100-block of San Ysidro Way. A wall and roof of the house were engulfed in flames. As the fire was being extinguished, several neighbors approached officers at the scene to complain about the house next door to the affected residence. They said the people next door had been setting off high-powered fireworks for the past couple of days, including the time shortly before the fire. Officers at the scene recalled having been in the area recently to investigate reports of illegal fireworks. During those calls, they spoke with to the resident, who denied any involvement. On today's date, Officers recontacted the resident and his 17 year old son. They again denied possessing fireworks, but allowed officers to search their back yard. A mortar tube was found in a trash can as well as several expended fireworks in the fire pit. Officers subsequently searched the residence and found a large cache of illegal fireworks to include mortars, M-80s, Roman Candles, bottle rockets, etc. Noe Navarro, 53, told officers he obtained the fireworks from a friend, and in turn, gave them to his son. Both were cited for possessing and storing illegal fireworks. The investigation will be submitted to the District Attorney's Officer for prosecution as well as review for additional charges against Navarro. As it turned out, it was determined the fire was not caused by fireworks. Hot coals were improperly disposed in the trash can, which caught fire at the affected residence.  Nevertheless, illegal fireworks continue to be a major fire risk and safety concern, especially during this time of year.  Residents are advised to not possess or use them.


Release Authorized by: Cmdr. Henry Gomez

Telephone: (831) 758-7250