Suspicious Death--Homicide UPDATE

This is an update to a previous press release.

Employees of the Laurel Inn called to report the death of a frequent customer, Bobby Dick Jr. (53) from Moro Bay.  Dick was a traveling mechanic who for the last several years would stay at the motel when he had work in the area.  On 12-5-13 while the motel maid was making her routine rounds, she came across Mr. Dick lying deceased in the motel room.  At first, due to the complexity of the crime scene, the cause of death was not known until a closer examination could be made of Mr. Dick at the Monterey County Sheriffs Coroner's office.  After a full autopsy of Mr. Dick, it was found that he had been stabbed several times and most likely died as a result of those wounds.  The Salinas Police Investigators are currently investigating this case as a homicide.   Anyone who may have information that may aid in this investigations is urged to contact the Salinas Police Department Investigations Division at (831) 758-7226 or Investigations Sergeant Jeff Gibson at (831) 758-7128.   All media inquiries should be directed to Investigations Commander Vincent Maiorana at (831) 758-7350.


Refer to the previous press release for further information.