Warning of Sexually Explicit Video on Facebook


4/18/2013 11:37 AM

Incident: Warning of Sexually Explicit Video on Facebook

Date: Thursday, 4/18/2013

Time: 11:37 AM

Location: Bay Area and Monterey County

The Salinas Police Department has become aware of a sexually explicit viral video circulating in the Bay area and recently Monterey County through Facebook. The video depicts a male adult engaging in sexual abuse with a child.

The Salinas Police Department has received several complaints regarding this video. Some people have made comments on the link associated with this video and reposted it expressing their disgust. What this does is that it continues to disseminate the video even more, among Facebook users.

Salinas Police Detectives have been in contact with the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The Task Force is aware of the mentioned video and confirmed it has circulated for several years on the internet and resurfaces frequently.

This case is currently under investigation by the FBI's Endangered Child Alert Program. The FBI has confirmed the source of this video is outside the United States.  At this time, the FBI has indicated they do not need to be notified on each occurrence of this video appearing online. Unless, there is credible information leading to the identity of the suspect. Facebook is aware of the video and is actively working on taking steps to remove it.

The Salinas Police Department, as other law enforcement agencies, is encouraging the Facebook community not to repost or comment on the video, to keep it from spreading further. You can simply notify Facebook if you come across the video. It would not be necessary to contact local authorities as the case is already under investigation by the FBI.

Release Authorized by: Officer Miguel Cabrera

Telephone: 758-7348