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Shooting Into an Occupied Dwelling & Attempted Arson

Release Date/Time: 11/14/2013 11:57 PM

Incident: Shooting Into an Occupied Dwelling & Attempted Arson

Report #: 13-110676

Date: Thursday, 11/14/2013

Time: 9:05 PM

Location: 900-Block of Acosta Plaza

Salinas Police received a call of bottles being thrown at a residence in the 900-block of Acosta Plaza.  A few moments later, the call was updated as shots being fired. Arriving officers found several bullet casings outside the front door. Although no one inside the residence was seriously hurt, a 2 year old child was struck in the eye with debris of some kind.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment to his non-lifethreatening injuries.  Officers later determined that the bottles thrown were Molotov Cocktails that failed to ignite. At this time, the only suspect information police have is that two people were seen fleeing the area by jumping over a wall that leads to E. Laurel Dr. They were described as a Hispanic male in his 20s, wearing a black shirt and a Hispanic female in her 20s, wearing a brown jacket. There is no further information at this time.

Release Authorized by: Cmdr. Henry Gomez

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Armed Robbery

Release Date/Time: 11/12/2013 1:51 PM

Incident: Armed Robbery

Report #: 13-110511

Date: Tuesday, 11/12/2013

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: 695 E. Alisal St. AY Market

A manager at the AY Market, was walking to her car with the weekend deposits from the store. Before she got to her car she was approached by a HM, 16-18 yrs, slight build, wearing a black hoody and bandana over his face. He put a gun to her head and demanded the money. The manager gave up the bag she was holding with an undisclosed amount of money and the suspect fled onto Hebbron to a waiting vehicle. There were no injuries. Investigation continues.

Release Authorized by: Christopher Lane

Telephone: (831) 758-7250


Release Date/Time: 11/10/2013 3:56 PM

Incident: Shooting

Report #: 13-110440

Date: Sunday, 11/10/2013

Time: 12:33 AM

Location: 128 Orchard

The victim, a 25 year-old Hispanic male and two friends were standing in front of 128 Orchard drinking beer. A lone gunman walked up from the area of Sieber St wearing all black with a black ski mask covering his face. He walked up to the front yard and fired nine rounds from a handgun at the group, striking the victim twice in the upper back. Both rounds exited his upper chest and continued into the house. The victim was transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. No one else was injured and no one in the group had any obvious gang affiliation.

Release Authorized by: Michael Groves

Telephone: (831) 758-7250


Release Date/Time: 11/9/2013 9:45 PM

Incident: DUI

Report #: 13-110432

Date: Saturday, 11/9/2013

Time: 7:51 PM

Location: 300 Blk. Front St

David Gomez Chaidez (55) is a cab driver for Green Cab and drives a new mini-van style vehicle designed to carry handicapped persons. The van is registered to MST. He took a disabled female to her apartment, lowered the ramp and assisted the lady into her home while leaving the car parked and open on the front side of the building. Chaidez exited the apartments and discovered his van was not there so he called 911 to report it stolen. Officers arrived and saw the van parked in front and undisturbed. The doors were open and they noticed an empty 24-ounce beer can under the driver seat and two full  beers between the front seats. Officers eventually found Chaidez and determined that he was intoxicated. Chaidez had exited the building to the rear rather than the front where he had left the van. The vehicle was returned to Green Cab employees. Chaidez's blood alcohol content was nearly 3 times the legal limit. Chaidez legally qualified for release with a notice to appear and was turned over to a responsible party.

Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Attempted Homicide/ Drug possession / Sales

Release Date/Time: 11/9/2013 1:55 PM

Incident: Attempted Homicide/ Drug possession / Sales

Report #: 13-110407

Date: Saturday, 11/9/2013

Time: 8:42 AM

Location: Rear of 346 W. Market St

Officers were dispatched to a victim of a shooting. They met with a 48 year-old victim, who said he was on the railroad tracks behind 346 W. Market when he was approached by a male who demanded money the victim owed to him. The victim said he did not have the money, so the male pulled out a sawed off .22 caliber rifle and shot him once in his right arm. Officers were able to develop the name of the suspect as Ricardo Martinez, 50. A BOL was placed.

A short time later Officers Hendrickson and G. Gonzalez saw the suspect driving in the South Salinas area. A high-risk vehicle stop followed and Martinez and his passenger, Rudolfo Ontverio, 51, were arrested without incident. The gun was recovered along with a backpack containing meth and marijuana. This backpack was at the feet of the passenger, Ontverio.

Ricardo Martinez was booked in county jail for attempted homicide, transporting narcotics, possession of narcotics, being a felon in possession of a firearm and having a sawed off rifle. Rudolfo Ontverio was booked in Monterey County Jail for transporting narcotics, possession of narcotics and possession for sales.

Release Authorized by: Michael Groves

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Shooting into occupied vehicle

Release Date/Time: 11/10/2013 4:00 PM

Incident: Shooting into occupied vehicle

Report #: 13-110422

Date: Saturday, 11/9/2013

Time: 3:47 PM

Location: Boronda/El Dorado

A witness called in to report that the driver of a Maroon Chevy single cab pick-up, fired 3 shots from a handgun at an occupied gray VW. Both vehicles drove from the area. The victim never called in to report the crime and has not been located. The witness believed the vehicle was struck by the rounds.

Release Authorized by: Michael Groves

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Armed Robbery & Pursuit

Release Date/Time: 11/9/2013 12:00 AM

Date: Friday, 11/8/2013

Time: 9:10 PM

Location: 1140 S. Main St. (CVS)

Officers received a dispatch regarding an armed robbery in progress at CVS Pharmacy located at 1140 South Main St.  Information provided to responding Officers was that there was a white male robber with a large knife robbing the pharmacy inside of the store.  As Officers arrived in the area they observed the described robber inside of a vehicle as it pulled from the curb on West San Joaquin St.  When Officers tried to stop the vehicle the driver, who was later identified as Adam Venuti (34), sped away in an attempt to evade pursuing Officers.  Venuti drove for a short distance colliding with a nearby parked vehicle.  After Venuiti's vehicle stalled, Venuti then fled on foot and was captured by Officers in the area.  Venuti was arrested and will later be booked at the Monterey County jail for armed robbery and other associated crimes.

Release Authorized by: Commander Vincent Maiorana

Telephone: (831) 758-7250


Release Date/Time: 11/7/2013 10:04 PM

Incident: Homicide

Report #: 13-110328

Date: Thursday, 11/7/2013

Time: 5:39 PM

Location: 518 E. Alisal St. Exclusive Auto Body

Officers responded to a report of shots fired with a victim who had been shot. Officers arrived within two minutes of the initial dispatch and found Juan Carlos Rodriguez (35) deceased. He was shot multiple times.  Rodriguez was co-owner of the body shop and long time resident of Salinas.  At this time it is unclear what the motive may be for his murder.  No witnesses have come forward.  The Salinas Police Department is asking for anyone with information to contact Detective McKinley at 758-7145 or Detective Warner at 758-7129.  You can also contact the Salinas Police Department crime tip line at 775-4222 and the "WeTip" line at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Release Authorized by: Jeffery Gibson

Telephone: (831) 758-7128


Release Date/Time: 11/5/2013 10:40 AM

Incident: Shooting

Report #: 13-110182

Date: Monday, 11/4/2013

Time: 9:31 PM

Location: PL 980 Acosta Plaza

Officers responded to a past tense shooting in the PL of 980 Acosta Plaza. A 36 Hispanic male had just parked his car in the lot and heard a loud bang. He did not realize it was a shot gun blast fired at his driver's door. He continued to sit in the front seat of his car. Approx. 5 minutes later he heard another bang, this time his rear passenger window was shot out and he was hit with several shotgun pellets in his upper back. The wounds did not appear life-threatening. The victim did not see anybody prior, or after the shooting and claims no gang affiliation.  The victim agreed to go to the hospital to be checked out for his injuries.

Release Authorized by: Michael Groves

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Robbery - Knife

Release Date/Time: 10/31/2013 8:56 PM

Incident: Robbery - Knife

Report #: 13-101501

Date: Thursday, 10/31/2013

Time: 7:34 PM

Location: 7-11 - 1305 N. Main St.

The employee of the 7-11 located at 1305 N. Main St. was working in the store when a male walked inside.  The subject, who was wearing all black clothing, a black mask, and black gloves, jumped over the counter, put a knife to the victim's neck, and demanded all the money from the register.  The victim opened the register, allowing the suspect to grab an undisclosed amount of cash.  He fled on foot and was additionally described as being 5'10" tall and weighing 160 lbs.  There is no further information.

Release Authorized by: Commander Henry Gomez

Telephone: (831) 758-7250