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Annoy/Molest Children arrest

Yesterday, 9-1-14, an 8 year old boy was in a bathroom at Northridge Mall when a male, wearing dark clothing with a Batman logo on it, attempted to lure him into a bathroom stall.  Northridge Mall was able to obtain video of the suspect and still photos were later released to the media.  A Monterey County Probation Officer recognized the subject as Kevin Rodney Gray (34) and called salinas Police with the information.  Detectives were unsucessful in locating Gray throughout the day and other citizen tips came in identifying Gray as the suspect from the Mall incident.  At approxiamtely 1745 hrs, Gray arrived at the Police Department stating he knew police were wanting to talk to him.  Gray was taken into custody and later lodged into MoCo jail for Annoying or molesting children and violation of probation.  Gray is curently on probation for a similar offense involving chidren and is a registered sex offender.

Annoy/ Molest a Child

Release Date/Time: 9/2/2014 11:37 AM

Incident:  Annoy/ Molest a Child

Date: Monday, 9/1/2014

Time: 7:42 PM

Location:  796 N. Main Street (Northridge Mall)

On September 1, 2014 an 8 year old child eneterd a public restroom at Northridge Mall.  When he entered he was contacted by the pictured male suspect who was standing in one of the stalls with the door open.  The suspect engaged the child in conversation about the child's age.  The suspect then attempted to lure the child into the stall with him.  The child became scared and ran out of the restroom to contact his mother who was waiting just outside.  The child relayed what had happened and the mother confronted the supect as he exited the restroom.  The suspect fled before security could be notified.  In reviewing security camera footage the suspect was last seen crossing N. Main in an easterly direction.  The child was not touched or injured.

The suspect is described as a white or light complected hispanic male adult, approximately 25 years old, 6'1", 200 lbs., with blonde hair and unknown colored eyes.  He was wearing a black and yellow hoodie with a Batman logo on it, a black t-shirt with a yellow Batman logo on the front, black shorts, white socks and black shoes.  He has both ears pierced with Batman earrings or plugs and was wearing tinted glasses.

The Salinas Police Department is working closely with Northridge Security to determine the suspect's movements at the mall.  The Department is asking for the public's assistance in identifying the suspect.  Anyone recognizing the suspect is asked to cotnact Detective Kristine Fairbanks at 831-758-7322 or the tip-line at 831-775-4222 or We-Tip at 1-800-78-CRIME. 

Release Authorized by:  Crd. Dave Shaw

Telephone:  831-758-7271

DUI, Hit and Run, Threats to a Peace Officer

Release Date/Time: 9/1/2014 8:56 AM

Incident: DUI, Hit and Run, Threats to a Peace Officer

Report #: 14-081518

Date: Sunday, 8/31/2014

Time: 11:49 PM

Location: Independence Blvd / Nantucket Blvd

Omar Munoz (25) was driving his '87 Chevy pick-up Northbound on Independence Blvd at a high rate of speed. Munoz ran the stop sign at the intersection of Nantucket Blvd as the driver of a 2014 Chevy Silverado began to enter the intersection from Nantucket. The victim driver was able to stop before being broadsided but Munoz clipped the front end of the victim vehicle, which caused Munoz to lose control of his truck. Munoz's truck rolled over and then struck two trees before stopping. The truck was totaled. Witnesses saw Munoz run from his truck and flee along the creek bed nearby. Officers located Munoz at a relative's home in the 700 block of Danbury St. He had superficial injuries from the collision and was covered in mud from running in the creek. Munoz became extremely violent when officers tried to arrest him. A protracted physical altercation occurred before Munoz was restrained. Munoz was not injured as a result of the arrest but one officer did sustain abrasions from being thrown into a weight-lifting set. Munoz was taken to Natividad Medical Center for a blood draw and medical clearance prior to being booked into the Monterey County Jail. He was charged with DUI, misdemeanor Hit and Run and threatening a police officer.

Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Pursuit, hit and run, DUI

Release Date/Time: 8/26/2014 11:19 AM

Incident: Pursuit, hit and run, DUI

Report #: 14-081213

Date: Tuesday, 8/26/2014

Time: 9:20 AM

Location: W. Alisal St. / Fairfax Cir.

A traffic officer on a motorcycle tried to stop a black GMC Sierra pick-up for vehicle code violations. Emmanuel Garcia (26) sped off and a pursuit was initiated, which lasted for one mile. Garcia jumped out of his truck at Belmont St and Via Maria. Garcia left the truck in gear and it collided with a parked car. Garcia jumped a fence and ran across Davis Rd into the strawberry fields. A lengthy foot chase ensued but ended when a K9 officer arrived and ordered Garcia to stop or he'd be bit. Garcia surrendered without incident. Garcia was under the influence of marijuana. He is on probation for prior DUI's and his license is suspended. His truck was impounded for 30-days and Garcia was booked into Monterey County Jail for DUI, hit and run, felony evading, violation of probation and driving on a suspended license.

Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Commercial Burglary Arrest

Release Date/Time: 8/26/2014 10:20 AM

Incident: Commercial Burglary Arrest

Report #: 14-081205

Date: Tuesday, 8/26/2014

Time: 5:43 AM

Location: 1300 block of Burton Ave

Officers responded to an alarm call from an auto repair business. Entry had been made and officers could hear someone inside. Jeffrey Lynn Brents (47) saw an officer on the back side of the building and ran toward the front. Brents tried to run out the front doors but he was locked inside due to a deadbolt he could not unlock. Brents used a large tool to smash a front window and then dove through the broken window into the parking lot. An officer challenged him at gunpoint but Brents took off running. A K-9 officer gave a warning to stop or he'd send the dog. Brents immediately stopped and surrendered saying he was not going to run from a K9. Brents was considered a "low-risk" offender was an early-release candidate through the AB109 prison realignment program. He is on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) parole. Brents was booked into Monterey County Jail for Commercial Burglary and parole violation.

Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan, Commander

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Armed Robbery, Stolen Vehicle

Release Date/Time: 8/26/2014 10:04 AM

Incident: Armed Robbery, Stolen Vehicle

Report #: 14-081197

Date: Monday, 8/25/2014

Time: 9:30 PM

Location: 900 blk of Acosta Plaza

Officers were dispatched to Sanborn Road & Acosta Plaza to an armed robbery in progress. The suspect, Jose Ramirez (22) entered a business in the 900 block of Acosta Plaza armed with a brick and demanded money. Ramirez took an undisclosed amount of cash and ran out of the business. Ramirez stole a Dodge Neon from the parking lot of 984 Acosta Plaza and left northbound on Sanborn Road. The victim of the robbery and the victim of the stolen car followed Ramirez and eventually flagged down an officer on Williams Rd. Ramirez exited the stolen car at Garner Ave and Williams Rd. and ran into the residential area. A perimeter was set and two police K-9's were deployed to assist with the yard to yard search. Ramirez was located by a K-9 in the yard of a home. He was hiding in a cactus. Ramirez surrendered after being confonted by the police dog. He was not bit or injured. The stolen money and vehicle were recovered and returned to the owners. Ramirez was booked into Monterey County Jail for Armed Robbery, vehicle theft and evading police.  

Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan, Commander

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Armed Man, Under the Influence

Release Date/Time: 8/25/2014 12:42 PM

Incident: Armed Man, Under the Influence

Report #: 14-081123

Date: Sunday, 8/24/2014

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: Natividad Medical Center

Officers were dispatched to the area of Argentine Dr and Bardin Rd after callers reported a man acting strangely. The man was claiming that someone was trying to kill him and he was being chased by a subject with a rifle. The man began jumping fences through the residential area until the callers lost sight of him. The man eventually reappeared and was seen entering a green sedan. The witness told dispatch it appeared the man, later identified as Antonio Vidal Abundez Acosta (30) had carjacked the driver of the sedan. A short time later, officers located the vehicle in the Natividad Medical Center parking lot near the Mental Health Unit. A high-risk stop was conducted because officers believed this was a carjacking suspect. The driver was detained without incident and it was discovered that this man had been flagged down by Acosta near Bardin Rd. When Acosta told the driver he was being chased, the man agreed to drive him to safety. While driving away, the citizen realized that something was not quite right with Acosta so he drove to NMC and Acosta exited his car.

While officers were talking to the driver, NMC security called dispatch reporting a man with a gun was inside the hospital and threatening suicide. Acosta had run into the hospital and had a metallic object in his hand. The hospital was ordered to be locked down and numerous SPD officers and deputies from MCSO entered the facility to search for Acosta. After a lengthy search, officers could hear Acosta in a stairwell. He was screaming and striking the walls with the metal object. CIT (Critical Incident Training) Officers and officers from the Hostage Negotiation Team tried to establish dialog with Acosta from inside the stairwell. As this was occurring, NMC security called dispatch advising that none of the guards actually saw Acosta with a gun and that they did not believe he had one. Once contact was made with Acosta, officers told him to slowly walk down the stairs to them. Instead, Acosta ran down two flights of stairs and rushed the officers while still holding the metal object in his hand. Several officers were in place with both lethal and less-lethal options. The first officer to encounter Acosta could clearly see that the object in his hand was some sort of pipe with a wheel attached and not a firearm. The officer deployed his Tasers and Acosta fell to the ground where he was taken into custody without further incident. The object Acosta had been holding was a mechanical part from a pneumatic door closer assembly that Acosta had broken off a door in the hospital. The shape of the part was similar to a pistol. Acosta was not injured during the arrest but one officer sustained a slight sprain to a knee while searching multiple stairwells.

Officers eventually determined that Acosta was under the influence of narcotics. After being medically cleared, he was booked into the Monterey County Jail for several charges including being under the influence.



Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Vehicle Pursuit Suspect Update

Release Date/Time: 8/25/2014 1:00 PM

Incident: Vehicle Pursuit Suspect Update

Date: Monday, 8/25/2014

Time: 1:00 PM

Location: N. Main and E. Laurel Dr.

On August 19, 2014 officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet Malibu.  The vehicle did not yeild and a lengthy pursuit ensued through Salinas and into the county area.  The suspect finally abandoned the vehicle on a ranch off of Encinal Road.  Although an extensive area search was conducted, the male driver and a female passenger eluded capture.  The male driver has been identified as Adali Mendoza.  He is a Hispanic male adult, 29 years old, 5'8", 200 lbs., bald with brown eyes.  He has several tattoos on his face including "C", "Jules" and "NSK."  He also has tattoos of a star and a huelga bird on his head.  Mendoza is on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) release and has an active felony warrant for violation of his PRCS terms.  Mendoza is wanted for evading arrest and the felony warrant.  Anyone with information regarding Mendoza's whereabouts is asked to contact the Salinas Police Department at 831-758-7321 or the tip-line at 831-775-4222 or We-Tip at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463).

Release Authorized by: Crd. Dave Shaw

Telephone:  831-758-7271

DUI / Traffic Collision

Release Date/Time: 8/23/2014 5:48 PM

Incident: DUI / Traffic Collision

Report #: 14-081079

Date: Saturday, 8/23/2014

Time: 12:47 PM

Location: North Main Street / Harden Parkway

Guadalupe Ayon, 31, was driving s/b in the #1 lane of North Main Street in her 06 Dodge Charger. Deborah Olenick, 49, was driving n/b in the #1 lane of North Main Street in her 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Olenick suddenly veered to her left and drove over the raised cement divider which is several feet wide and struck Ayon's vehicle head on. Ayon and all three of her passengers were transported to local hospitals with severe complaints of pain to their back, legs, chest, and neck. One of the injured passengers was five months pregnant and another was 3-months-old. Olenick suffered a minor cut to her left hand. A Driving Under the Influence investigation was conducted and Olenick was found to have been driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Olenick had also been driving on a suspended license. A background check showed Olenick has been the driver in at least 12 documented traffic collisions in Salinas and was found at fault in 11 of the 12. In 1991 she was convicted of Vehiclular Manslaughter when she struck and killed a pedestrian. Olernick was booked into the Monterey County Jail for Driving Under the Influence, DUI Causing Injury, Suspended Driver, and Suspended Driver Causing Injury.

Release Authorized by: Gerard Ross

Telephone: (831) 758-7975

Residential Burglary-Arrests

Release Date/Time: 8/23/2014 10:58 AM

Incident: Residential Burglary-Arrests

Report #: 14-081063

Date: Saturday, 8/23/2014

Time: 7:15 AM

Location: Pocket Park, Bradbury St / Nantucket Blvd

On 8/22/14 at 2340 hours, a Salinas Police officer took a residential burglary report from a home in the 1100 block of Cheshire Way. A neighbor described the suspects as juveniles but could not provide more specific descriptions. At 0140 hours, a group of juveniles tried to steal alcohol from the Safeway on Constitution Blvd. One suspect was detained by security but he was able to break free and escape. At 0715 hours, officers were dispatched to the pocket park on Bradbury St and Nantucket Blvd on the report of an intoxicated juvenile. When officers arrived, 4-5 subjects ran. A protracted search was conducted and officers captured a 15-year old male and a 14-year old male. The other subjects got away but all of the stolen property from the burglary on Cheshire Way was found under a play structure where the group had been. One of the suspects admitted to the burglary as well as the attempted theft from Safeway. Both were lodged at Monterey County Juvenile Hall and officers are working to identify the other suspects.

UPDATE: Officers were able to identify the two remaining suspects. A 14-year old male and 15-year old male were arrested this morning at about 0815 hrs. Both admitted to their invovlement. They were lodged into Monterey County Juvenile Hall.

Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan

Telephone: (831) 758-7250