Police Recruit / Entry Level


This is the entry level classification in the City's sworn police officer series. Incumbents may enter the class either as a recruit, academy graduate or lateral status. Police recruits are entry-level positions with little or no related training or experience required. Recruits must complete a State certified Police Academy prior to appointment to probationary status as a police officer. Academy graduates and lateral entry police officers are appointed to full probationary status at time of hire. The police officer class is further distinguished from the police specialist class by the broader, more complex and supervisory assignments of the specialist class.


Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

Patrol Division Assignment:

Operates a police vehicle, and/or walks a foot beat in patrolling an assigned area. Prevents crimes by communicating with and advising individuals and groups on residential and business district safety practices. Enforces State Penal and Vehicle Code Sections, and other state and local laws and regulations governing public safety. Responds to radio and telephone dispatches and handles activities at the scenes of crimes and other disorders. Investigates and prepares reports on arrests and impounded property. Contacts, questions, and interviews crime suspects, witnesses and other persons; searches and seizes contraband and other types of controlled property. Arrests, transports, supervises and assists in processing detainees and other individuals in custody. Trains in tactical and other departmental assignments, and performs related duties as assigned.

Other Major Assignments:

Learns and implements investigative techniques and procedures. May conduct criminal, traffic, narcotic and vice investigations within the Department's Detective Division. Develops leads, apprehends and arrests suspects in connection with felony and misdemeanor crime investigations. Collects and preserves evidence. Patrols high incidence crime areas, utilizing undercover tools and techniques. Investigates and processes juvenile criminal offense matters. Performs community and public relations tasks to support Departmental crime prevention efforts. May perform the duties of Citizen Assistance Officer, as part of the City's and Police Chief's Community Oriented Policing Program. May operate a police motorcycle in the course of performing patrol duties as part of the Department's Motorcycle Unit. May perform the duties of a patrol officer in coordination with a trained canine partner, as part of the Department's Canine Unit. May perform crime prevention and investigation in middle and high schools in the Department's School Resource Program. Assists the Patrol Division as necessary and/or assigned.


High school graduation equivalency or GED, successful completion of a Work Sample Test Battery with a minimum qualifying score of 320, and a minimum T-Score of 48 on the California POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery. Certificates are valid within one year from the date that the tests were administered.

  • High School diploma or GED
  • Must be 20½ at time of application and 21 years of age at time of appointment
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or have applied for citizenship before application
  • Valid California Driver’s License
  • South Bay - Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB) Certificate*
  • PELLETB T-Score of 48 or above*
  • DD-214 for Veterans.*


Must be submitted at the time of application as a single PDF file or via email to [email protected], or via fax to (831) 758-7941. Applications will be considered incomplete without required documents. Certificates must be valid within twelve months prior to application. All documents submitted become the property of the City of Salinas and will not be returned or photocopied. Please only submit the required documents requested; all other information will be discarded.

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