Alarm Program

Under the oversight of the Salinas Police Department, PM AM Corporation provides alarm program administration and collection services.  To apply for a new alarm permit, renew your existing permit, or pay False Alarm Fees, please contact the Salinas False Alarm Reduction Program (FARP).


  Phone:  1-877-484-7718

  Email:  [email protected]


You can use Salinas False Alarm Reduction Program (FARP) website to look up the Salinas Alarm Ordinance.




If you are unable to resolve any  issues after contacting PM AM Corporation, you may contact FARP staff at the Salinas Police Department via (831)758-7093 or [email protected]

Question of the Day

What can I do if there is a loud party in my neighborhood?

If someone is having a loud party in your neighborhood you may call the Police Department for assistance. When deciding whether to call the police you must also decide whether the noise is at a level that your peace is being disturbed. If it is, you next need to decide whether you would be willing to press formal charges in order to get the noise to stop or be turned down to a tolerable level.

Most often, the mere fact that you are willing to press charges will help us to solve the problem so that no actual charges need be pressed. If you...

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