Attempted Robbery / Shooting

Release Date/Time: 10/30/2014 12:12 AM

Incident: Attempted Robbery / Shooting

Date: Wednesday, 10/29/2014

Time: 8:26 PM

Location: 1222 Del Monte Ave/ el Michiocan Market

The Clerk and an elderly male employee were working the cash register at La Michoacana Market, and had just finished watching the end of the World Series, when two males wearing masks ran in while brandishing firearms. . Fearful of the recent Hot Stop market robbery/homicide, the clerk retrieved a handgun and fired, which scared the would-be robbers away.  As he went outside to see if he could determine a get away vehicle or direction the robbers fled, one of them turned towards him and pointed a gun in his direction. Again, being fearful for his life, the clerk again fired upon the robbers who fled down Towt St .  It is unknown if either were struck as a result.  At the conclusion of the initial investigation, the clerk was released without charges.  Upon  completion of the full investigation, it will be decided whether to submit the case to the DA's office for review. 

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper, Commander

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

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