Automated Red-Light Camera Program Coming Soon

Release Date/Time: 10/8/2019 12:03 PM
Incident:Automated Red-Light Camera Program Coming Soon
Date: Tuesday, 10/8/2019
Time: 12:03 PM
Location:City of Salinas

Automated Red-Light Camera Program Coming Soon

Salinas Police Department would like to inform the public that the Automated Red-Light Camera Enforcement project is nearing completion and will soon be operational. This program hopes to improve public safety through increased enforcement of red-light laws and increased public awareness of the dangers of red light running.

Automated Red-Light Enforcement cameras are currently being installed at several locations in the City of Salinas. The sites are under construction and are not yet operational. Technicians are currently testing the equipment, including cameras and strobe flashes, at some of the sites. The cameras will be operational soon and a warning period will be the next step. Information will be released when the warning period begins.

Release Authorized by: Miguel Cabrera
Telephone: 831 758-7289

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