Burglary, Resisting Arrest

Release Date/Time: 11/13/2018 12:56 PM
Incident:Burglary. Resisting Arrest
Date: Monday, 11/12/2018
Time: 11:49 PM
Location:400 Block of Fremont St

Officers responded to a call of a burglary to a business in progress in the 400 block of Fremont St. The owner reported he had just closed his business and was walking to his vehicle when he observed the suspect later identified as Roman Lopez Ambrocio (24) approach and kick in the front glass door to enter the business. Officers arrived and surrounded the business and observed Ambrocio still in the business. They ordered him to exit but he refused to comply the officer's orders instead he retreated further into the business. A canine officer arrived and his partner Avi was deployed. After a brief struggle Ambrocio was taken into custody suffering moderate injuries to his armpit as a result of  Avi's bite.

During the incident Avi was injured and was rushed to the animal hospital where Avi underwent surgery. Avi is recovering and is expected to return to duty soon. Ambrocio was arrested and transported to county jail and charged with burglary and resisting arrest.

Release Authorized by:Miguel Cabrera
Telephone:831 758-7289

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How do I obtain a copy of a citation?
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