Head on Collision, Driving Under the Influence X2

Release Date/Time: 10/29/2018 9:18 AM
Incident:Head on Collision, Driving Under the Influence X2
Date: Sunday, 10/28/2018
Time: 00:14 AM
Location:E. Boronda Rd. and Constitution Blvd.

Officers were dispatched to a head on collision at E. Boronda Rd and Constitution Boulevard involving a Ford F150 and a Honda Odyssey. It was quickly updated to the F-150 being on fire with people trapped inside and multiple people in the Odyssey.  A good samaritan in the area immediately went to render aid and broke a window to the F-150 and removed a female passanger from the burning F-150. The good samaritan suffered minor lacerations to his arms.

The driver of the F-150, Miguel Angel Diaz was standing by the rescued female who was lying on the ground and was in and out of consciousness. Diaz initially stated he was dropped off at the scene but a witness placed him exiting the driver side door. He also had injuries consistent as being the driver. Officers observed objective symptoms of intoxication and conducted the DUI Investigation on Diaz who was subsequently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Diaz was later transported to county jail for DUI charges.  The female victim was transported to Natividad Medical Center for treatment. 

The Odyssey had a total of six occupants.  Four of the six occupants were mobile and the two youngest(13,15) were lying on the ground when officers arrived.  All of the occupants were eventually transported to Natividad Medical Center and Salinas Valley Memorial hospitals with minor to moderate injuries. A thirteen year old female passenger was flown out to Valley Medical Center, she had suffered a broken femur and was unconscious at one point. The occupants stated they were coming back from a party when the Silverado merged into their lane and collided with the Odyssey van.  Both vehicles had major front end damage.

The driver of the Odyssey, Arsenio Diaz-Garcia was also showing signs of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages. He was evaluated and  suspected of being under the influence . Diaz-Garcia was arrested and cited for DUI at the hospital.

It was later discovered several persons attending a Halloween party nearby heard the collision and went to assist the injured occupants of the vehicles involved.

Release Authorized by:Miguel Cabrera
Telephone:831 758-7289

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