Homicide Arrest

Today at approximately 10:30 am, members of the Salinas Police SWAT Team and Salinas Police Investigations Bureau served an arrest and search warrant in the 500 block of Santa Maria St. seeking to arrest Charles Gutierrez (25) for the August 7, 2015 murder of Eliot Cerna Guerrero (22) in the parking lot of 150 Sherwood Dr.  At the time of the original incident, Detectives had very limited information, and what turned out to be a partially sanitized crime scene.  The victims were exiting the mobile home park in a vehicle when they were approached by a group who began challenging them for their gang affiliation.  As the victims attempted to speed away, Gutierrez pulled a handgun and began firing, striking Cerna as he sat in the car.  Cerna's friends drove him to the hospital; however, he succumbed to his wounds a short time later.  While Gutierrez' name came up early in the investigation, Detectives have been reviewing evidence and tracking down witnesses over the course of the subsequent 1 1/2 years, and were eventually able to bring forth sufficient evidence to the District Attorney's Office to have a $1.25million warrant issued for his arrest.  Today's warrant service was conducted to not only locate and arrest Gutierrez for the homicide, but also to seek additional possible evidence.  Upon arriving on scene, SWAT and Detectives surrounded and called Gutierrez out of his residence; he was taken into custody without incident and later booked into Monterey County Jail for the warrant.

***********Original Release**********

Homicide and Attempted Homicide

Release Date/Time: 8/8/2015 2:49 PM

Incident: Homicide and Attempted Homicide

Date: Friday, 8/7/2015

Time: 10:02 PM

Location: 150 Sherwood Dr.

NMC contacted the police department for a gunshot victim who had arrived in the emergency room.  The victim, Eliot Cerna Guererro (22) was driven to the emergency room by family members.  Guererro died shortly after his arrival. It is believed at this point in the investigation, the shooting occurred at 150 Sherwood Drive.  The victims were confronted by several gang members who challenged the victims about their gang affiliation.  The surviving victim attempted to drive away to avoid a confrontation when the suspect(s) blindly fired upon the vehicle shooting and killing Guererro and narrowly missing a juvenile who was seated behind the victim.  This is being investigated as a gang related homicide although the victim had no apparent gang ties.  If anyone may have witnessed the homicide or can provide information, they are encouraged to contact Detective Derek Gibson at 758-7442.

Question of the Day

Does the law say what kind of noise can be made at different times and in different places?
The Salinas Municipal Code  contains noise ordinances that regulate certain kinds of noise.

Generally, noise is divided into four "classes".

• Class A Noise is defined as noise created by equipment operated in the public interest or for emergency or safety purposes. Such equipment includes sirens, street sweepers, garbage trucks, chipper machines, etc. Class A noise is allowed at anytime.

• Class B Noise is defined as noise...

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