Live PD Break

Release Date/Time: 10/18/2019 1:42 PM
Incident: Live PD Break
Date: Friday, 10/18/2019
Time: 1:42 PM
Location: 222 Lincoln Ave

Release Authorized by: Sgt. Brian Johnson
Telephone: 831-758-7280

Live PD will take a break from the Salinas Police Department after the Saturday, October 19th broadcast.  Live PD will be rotating another law enforcement department onto the show after 13 months with Salinas PD.  

Chief Frese released this statement: "It has been an honor for the Salinas Police Department to have been asked to participate in the documentary TV series, Live PD. The series showcases policing across the country, and in that vein, the producers have notified the department that they will be taking a break from Salinas as of October 21st as part of the rotation of participating departments . We appreciate the opportunity to bring the public into our patrol cars and show them the reality of law enforcement. In so many ways, this program has strengthened our relationships with the public and the citizens we serve, without interfering with our daily operations. While we will not be featured on upcoming live episodes, we continue to maintain an excellent relationship with Live PD and we would look forward to future participation on the program. On behalf of everyone in the Salinas Police Department, I would like to thank our community for supporting the officers who participated in Live PD."

From A&E:  'Live PD” documents policing across America, showcasing urban and rural law enforcement agencies from different size cities, towns and counties. In keeping with the promise of the series, we switch out agencies periodically, and will be taking a break from the Salinas Department after the Saturday, October 19th broadcast. We want to thank Chief Fresé, the Salinas Police Department, and the city of Salinas for allowing us to ride with the officers. We hope to return to Salinas sometime in the future."

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