Negligent Discharge of Firearm, Possession of Meth, Warrant

Release Date/Time: 10/18/2018 8:42 AM
Incident:Negligent Discharge of Firearm, Possession of Meth, Warrant
Date: Thursday, 10/18/2018
Time: 4:45 AM
Location:Natividad Medical Center/San Luis St. at Front St.

Officers  responded to Natividad Medical Center for a reported victim of a shooting. Alexandro Llamas (29), had been dropped off in front of the hospital just before the call was dispatched. A short time after, officers had stopped a white Cadillac CTS at San Luis & Front St. The female driver told officers she had just dropped off someone at Natividad Medical Center who had been shot. Officers went to the hospital and contacted Llamas, who stated he was not going to cooperate with the investigation and refused to answer questions regarding the shooting. Officer's investigation revealed  the injury appeared to have been  self inflicted and Llamas had shot himself through his upper thigh.  A records check revealed Llamas had a felony warrant for failure to appear on a previous gun charge dating back to September 25th.when he was arrested. Back at the vehicle stop, officers located hundreds of rounds of ammunition. In addition, approximately 1/4 oz. of meth and a meth pipe were found in the Cadillac which belongs to Llamas. The driver of the vehicle was told to drive the vehicle away from the hospital by Llamas who was arrested after he was treated and released. Llamas was later booked in county jail for the outstanding warrant, negligent discharge of a firearm and possession of meth.

Release Authorized by:Miguel Cabrera
Telephone:831 758-7289

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