Prostitution Sting Operation

Release Date/Time: 2/16/2021 1:29 PM
Incident:Prostitution Sting Operation
Date: Friday, 2/12/2021
Location:City of Salinas

Based on several complaints received for illicit activity at massage parlors in Salinas, Salinas PD organized an undercover enforcement operation which took place on Friday February 12, 2021. Four locations were targeted. One location was not open for business and the other three were found to be in violation of prostitution activity.

The three locations open for business and conducting illegal prostitution were located at 1164 #4 Monroe St where Guihua Zhao (58) and Achara Basnyet (49) were arrested on prostitution charges. The second location was 116 Abbot St where Li Wang (53) was arrested on prostitution charges. The last location was 984 #4 Lupin Dr. where Li Jiang (56) was also arrested on prostitution charges.

All arrested were processed and cited for prostitution and conspiracy.

It is important to note this investigation was initiated by concerned residents who observed suspicious activity at these locations and notified the Salinas Police Department. To all of you, thanks for the assist.

Release Authorized by:Miguel Cabrera

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