Robbery, Conspiracy and Possession of a Concealed Firearm Arrests

Release Date/Time: 5/27/2020 12:11 PM
Incident: Robbery, Conspiracy and Possession of a Concealed Firearm Arrests
Date: Wednesday, 5/27/2020
Time: 12:25 AM
Location: Sanborn Rd at McGowan Drive

Robbery, Conspiracy and Possession of a Concealed Firearm Arrests

On 5-27-2020 at 12:25 am, officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant located at Sanborn Rd at McGowan Drive where the victim had been beat up and pistol whipped. Officers found the victim bleeding from the head. He was transported to Natividad Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

The victim said he was accosted, robbed and pistol whipped by three suspects wearing black hooded sweatshirts. They took his wallet and backpack before they all ran towards Mc Gowan Circle. Officers conducted an extensive area search for the suspects and were subsequently able to locate three individuals matching the suspects description inside a vehicle parked nearby. They were detained and after they were positively identified as the robbery suspects, they were arrested. Officers found a 9mm handgun and evidence linking the suspects to the crime in the vehicle.

The three suspects, Xavier Jimenez (19) from Soledad, Richard Andrew Flores (19) from Gonzales and a 16-year-old juvenile from Gonzales were later transported to county jail and the minor to juvenile hall. They are facing charges of robbery, conspiracy and possession of a concealed firearm.

Release Authorized by:Miguel Cabrera
Telephone:831 758-7289

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