Salinas Police Department Participates in Fantasy Flight 2018

Release Date/Time: 12/6/2018 1:23 PM
Incident:Salinas Police Department Participates in Fantasy Flight 2018
Date: Saturday 12/8/2018

Salinas Police Department Participates in Fantasy Flight 2018

Salinas Police Department will participate in Fantasy Flight 2018 sponsored by the Cops Care Cancer Foundation this coming Saturday December 8 in San Jose, Ca. Salinas PD will be providing a police escort to two Salinas families selected by the foundation to be part of this year's special event, which will take place at San Jose PD's hangar at San Jose Airport. The local families have children ages 7 and 13 who will be two of the many special guests.

Although Fantasy Flight has been around for years this is the first year Salinas PD is involved and we hope to support this worthy cause yearly. For more information on Fantasy Flight for next year's event, you can call 408 313-6877.

What is Fantasy Flight?

Fantasy Flight is an event for any child that is battling cancer or any other life-threatening illness. The entire family is invited to join as the kids enjoy this Christmas themed carnival. Guests will get to meet with local police officers, police dogs, fire fighters, and special guests. While the kids await Santa's arrival via police helicopter, there will be a chance for them to win prizes at the carnival themed festivities. There will be food (BBQ Burgers & dogs), treats, drinks, jumper houses face painters, music and a photo booth.

Who can attend Fantasy Flight?

Any child stricken with cancer or who has any life-threatening illness or condition who are under the age of 18 may attend. (Transplant patients are also welcome.) Each child may bring all of their brothers and sisters as well as their parents and grandparents. Every child (Including the brothers and sisters under the age of 18) will receive o gift from Santa Claus.

*Patients must be currently receiving treatment to be eligible to attend Fantasy Flight*

Release Authorized by: Miguel Cabrera
Telephone:831 758-7289

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