You can learn all of this and more by signing up for SPARK! What’s SPARK? It’s the Salinas Police Awareness, Responsibility, and Knowledge course, created for high school students. You’ll learn powerful life skills from real police officers plus EMTs, doctors, and other people whose lives and work make an impact.

Every class is full of inside knowledge and hands-on experience you won’t find anywhere else. How much does it cost? It’s free—you just commit to showing up.

SPARK happens weekly at Salinas Police Headquarters, 222 Lincoln Ave., starting Monday, May 6.

Learn more or sign up: Call Sergeant Albert Duran, (831) 775-4201, ext 6072, or email him at [email protected].

  • May 6, 6-9pm — Self-Image and Identity (young women) with Chief Adele Fresé OR Masculinity Upgraded - Strength for a Safer Community (young men) with the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center
  • May 13, 6-9pm — Job Interview Prep with Central Coast Human Resource Association
  • May 20, 6-9pm — Basic First Aid and Social Media Safety
  • June 3, 6-9pm — Why'd You Stop Me? What to expect and how to react during a police contact
  • June 8, 8am-5pm — Driver Safety Behind the wheel drivers training, including basic driving maneuvers and collision avoidance drills.  (Please note that a driver's license or permit is not required, but must be a high school student)

Question of the Day

What should I do if I see a strange person or car loitering in my neighborhood?
Having residents report strange, suspicious or out of place activity their neighborhoods is essential to locating identifying and stopping criminal activity. There may be a reasonable and legal explanation for the person's presence and actions. However, if the person's actions are enough to raise your suspicion there is probably a good reason to take further action.

There are several things that you can do to help us in these cases. The most important thing to remember is to not put yourself at danger by...

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