Loud Noise Violation

Release Date/Time: 2/28/2021 11:06 AM
Incident: Lound Noise Violation
Date: Sunday, 2/27/2021
Time: 7:45 AM
Location: 200 block of Rianda Circle

On Saturday 2/27/21, at about 7:45 PM, officers responded to a loud music complaint on Rianda Circle.  This location is about one block from the police building and officers could hear the music from the station parking lot.  When the initial officers arrived, they saw a large concert stage with a live band in the business parking lot. The stage was similar to the stages used for concerts at the Sports Complex. There were approximately 100 people in attendance, some in their vehicles and about half outside their vehicles dancing.  When officers asked for the person responsible for the show, the band manager told the officers they were contracted to play the concert but would not say by who.  The band, ‘Los Bandadosos”, is a well-known band from the 80’s. Officers learned there was a $20 cover charge at the door and the event was also being live streamed. There was a $10 live-stream charge and there may have been as many as 5,000 people watching. 

Eventually, officers located the event promoter, Hector Campos.  Mr. Campos was very upset at the officers, wanted to know why they were on his property, and demanded they leave.  They advised him of the noise complaint and told him it needed to be turned off or he would be issued a citation.  Mr. Campos demanded the officers leave his property since it was a private event. A police supervisor responded to the scene and, recognizing that in addition to the loud noise violation there were obvious COVID concerns, stressed the event would not be allowed to continue. Mr. Campos was issued a citation for the loud music and directed to shut down the concert. Campos reluctantly signed the citation only after being warned that failure to do so would result in his arrest – he signed and demanded the officers leave. 

The officers remained to ensure Mr. Campos complied. The band continued to play for over 15 minutes after Campos was cited and ordered to shut down the show. Again, there obvious COVID concerns with this gathering, however, officers recognized the need to peacefully disperse the large crowd knowing that many were unhappy about the authorities ending an event they paid money to attend.  

The officers, using considerable restraint and discretion, addressed the noise complaint, shut down the event, and peacefully dispersed the crowd without incident.

There will be additional follow up with City Code Enforcement in the coming days.

Release Authorized by: Cmdr. John C. Murray
Telephone: (831) 758-7250