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Special Olympics Torch Run

On June 16, 2015 at 10 am, the Salinas Police Department along with members of Monterey County Probation, Parole, District Attorney's Office, CTF-Soledad and CHP Officers will participate in the annual Special Olympics Torch Run.  Our mission is to increase awareness and raise funds for the Special Olympics movement.  The Salinas Police Department and local partnering law enforcement agencies will carry the torch from City Hall (200 Lincoln Avenue) throughout Old Town and finish in front of Gino's Restaurant (54 Monterey/Salinas Highway.)  The torch will then make its way through the Monterey Peninsula as it is carried by the Monterey County Sheriffs Department, California Highway Patrol, Seaside Police Department, C.S.U.M.B. Police Department and Marina Police Departments.

Armed Robbery Suspect Kelly Grimm (39) arrested

Release Date/Time: 6/15/2015 11:39 AM

Incident: Armed Robbery Suspect Kelly Grimm (39)**Arrested**

Date: Monday, 6/15/2015

Time: 11:39 AM

Location: Cleveland Ave,  City of Salinas

On June 10, 2015 Salinas Police Detectives along with our partners from the US Marshalls Service and the Monterey County Narcotics/Gang Task force were able to locate and arrest Kelly Grimm (39) for his involvement in several armed robberies in the City of Salinas.  Grimm was located at a residence on Cleveland Ave. in the City of Salinas where he surrendered without incident.  Grimm is suspected of committing up to 7 armed robberies in Salinas of retail establishments where he  brandished a handgun and took money.  Grimm is also suspected of other armed robberies in nearby counties.  Grimm was booked at Monterey County Jail and the investigation(s) have been forwarded to the Monterey County District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

See below media links for previous reports on this case:

Release Authorized by: Commander Vincent Maiorana

Telephone: 831-758-7350

Attempted murder - Shooting

Release Date/Time: 6/14/2015 10:15 AM

Incident: Attempted murder - Shooting

Date: Saturday, 6/13/2015

Time: 7:26 PM

Location: 200 block of W. Curtis St.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting in the 200 block of W. Curtis St. Dispatch updated the information that there were two victims down inside the residence.  Officers found a 26 year old male and 20 year old female victim in the residence suffering from gunshots to the arms and legs.  Both were transported to NMC with non-life threatening wounds. The investigation revealed that the victims were leaning up against a fence in the front yard and fled into the residence upon being shot at.  A newer, white Ford Fusion, stopped in the street  west of the location and  the suspect exited the vehicle and began firing at the victims before returning to the vehicle.  The vehicle was last seen eastbound W. Curtis.   It is unknown at this time if there is any gang affliations related to this case.  Investigation continues.

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper, Commander

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Attempted Murder - Shooting

Release Date/Time: 6/14/2015 9:55 AM

Incident: Attempted Murder - Shooting

Date: Sunday, 6/14/2015

Time: 4:45 AM

Location: Maryal Dr. & Elwood St.

Two brothers, ages 20 and 24, were sitting at the stoplight on W. Laurel at N. Main waiting to go E/B onto E. Laurel. A Hispanic male adult in a maroon 4-door SUV pulled up next to the brothers then pulled in behind them when the light turned green and began following them. The victims pulled into a nearby parking lot for a brief moment before once again driving off. They again noticed the suspect was behind them.  As they neared the intersection of Elwood and Maryal, the fired several shots at the brothers' vehicle. The suspect fled S/B on Maryal. The victim vehicle was struck 3 times, but neither victim was hit. The victims denied any gang affiliation and denied any knowledge of why they would be targeted.   The suspect was described as HMA, 20 yrs with a thin build, and short brown hair. It is unknown at this time if this case is gang related.

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper, Commander

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Attempted Murder - Shooting

Release Date/Time: 6/14/2015 9:39 AM

Incident: Attempted Murder - Shooting

Date: Sunday, 6/14/2015

Time: 9:55 PM

Location: 1000 block of Harding St.

Units responded to the report of a shooting victim in the driveway of a residence in the 1000 block of Harding Street.  Officers contacted a 39 year old male suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and extremities. The victim was transported to a local hospital for surgery and was last listed in serious condition. The investigation revealed that two suspects arrived at the location in a vehicle driven by a third suspect. The two passengers exited the suspect vehicle and approached the residence on foot. When they reached the driveway they began shooting without saying anything. The victim was among a group of neighbors who were barbecuing in the driveway. After the shooting the suspects ran back to the suspect vehicle and fled southbound on Harding St.  None of the other persons present were struck by the gunfire. The suspect vehicle appears to be a light colored 4-door Honda Civic or similar. One of the suspects was identified as wearing a white long sleeved shirt.  Officers had recently been dispatched to this location for a loud music complaint and had left the area approximately 10 minutes before the shooting. This case is being investigated as possibly gang related due to previous gang contacts by the victim.

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper, Commander

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Att. Robbery

Release Date/Time: 6/13/2015 3:36 PM

Incident: Att. Robbery

Date: Saturday, 6/13/2015

Time: 10:20 PM

Location: 607 N Sanborn

An HMA, 19yrs, 5-9/170 walked into Tapia Sports and pointed a black revolver at the clerk, demanding money in both Spanish and English while pushing the clerk towards the register. The victim was able to push the suspect away and the suspect fled eastbound, crossing E. Laurel and through a hole in the fence to the rear of 918 Acosta Plaza. The victim initially chased the suspect for a short distance, however stopped when the suspect turned and brandished the firearm at him.

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper, Cdr

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Attempted Murder - Shooting

Release Date/Time: 6/13/2015 3:12 PM

Incident: Attempted Murder - Shooting

Date: Friday, 6/12/2015

Time: 10:28 PM

Location: 300 block of Block Ave.

The 33 year old victim had just arrived home and was standing outside his residence. A white early 90's model Ford Mustang passed by and he heard one shot and then was struck in his thigh. Prior to the shot he heard the shooter yell a gang slogan.  The vehicle was last seen on Block Ave towards Parsons. 

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper, Cdr

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Salinas Police Release Jose Velasco 911 Calls, Announce DA Investigation

Referral to DA Made to Enhance Public Trust in Review of Use of Force
Audio Recordings and Transcripts Available Below

Salinas, CA, June 12, 2015 -- At a press conference yesterday, Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin announced the release of audio recordings and transcripts of 911 calls made before, during and after the arrest last Friday of Jose Velasco. The 911 calls include one from Mr. Velasco's mother, Rita Acosta, and 14 others from people at or driving by the scene at North Main Street and Bernal Drive that evening.

The audio and transcripts are included below, as is the Police Department press release from the day after the arrest.

On the recordings, several callers describe a man, who turned out to be Mr. Velasco, running into busy traffic, screaming and jumping on cars, before dragging a woman into the traffic and attacking her. The woman was his mother, Ms. Acosta. At the beginning of her call ("Call 3" above), Ms. Acosta can be heard calling to Mr. Velasco, asking, "What are you doing?" Later she begins to scream, shouting "Stop! Jose, stop it!" Towards the end of that recording, police officers arrive and repeatedly order Mr. Velasco to "Get off of her," and "Get on your stomach."

Police Chief Kelly McMillin also announced that because of many expressions of concern about the use of batons during the Velasco arrest, he has asked the Monterey County District Attorney to conduct an independent investigation of the arresting officers' conduct.

"I am confident in the integrity of our internal reviews of police use of force, but at the same time I understand that some people are not, especially in the current national context," said Chief McMillin. "So I have asked the District Attorney's office to conduct an independent investigation of the officers' actions to determine if there is any reason to pursue a prosecution."

Audio Recordings of the 911 Calls

Call 1:

Call 2:

Call 3 (Rita Acosta, mother of Jose Velasco):

Call 4:

Call 5:

Call 6:

Call 7:

Call 8:

Call 9:

Call 10:

Call 11:

Call 12:

Call 13:

Call 14:

Call 15:


911 Call Transcripts



Yes there's a guy on the corner of Bernal and N. Main running through traffic and jumping on top of cars.

Bernal and Main?

Yes. North Main.  He's throwing himself on the floor and just screaming.

Okay. Is he *UNINTELLIGIBLE, do you think he might be a transient or something?

Excuse me?

Does he look like he might be a transient?

Yeah, um, I don't know he's just screaming and running.  He's got a black jacket, dark jeans, long ponytail.


Kind of like a black jacket, dark jeans, um long ponytail, um kind of a scruffy beard, he's running in front of cars and just trying to jump on top of them and get in.

Can you hear what he's yelling?

Um, he ran in front of me and now he's running toward Sherwood Gardens and I heard him say Mom, and that's it.  But I am right in the intersection so I have to keep driving.

No problem.  Do you want an officer to call you back or anything?

No, I, he's walking back in the way, in the direction I'm going, he's walking backwards now.  I can't see him anymore.  

He's in and out of the roadway?


Okay.  Got it.  We'll be out there as soon as we can.  Thank you.




911 what's your emergency?

Hi, we're on the corner of  

Hello?  Hello?

Call ends

Phone rings  


Hi, this is 911


We just had a call from this number? Do you have an emergency?

Oh yes, so there's a guy in the middle of the road, he's stopping traffic.

Where is he?

We're just past the corner of Bernal, oh my gosh, he's jumping on cars, so we're already past the Bernal and Main St. intersection.

Is he white, black or Hispanic?

Um, I have no idea. I think maybe um white or Hispanic


Like right by the *UNINTELLIGIBLE  station

What kind of clothes is he wearing?

Jeans and a black jacket, black sneakers too, *UNINTELLIGIBLE, long black hair

*UNINTELLIGIBLE He's in traffic and jumping onto cars?

Yes he's in the middle of the street right now

And you said he has long black hair?

Yeah, there's a woman who just approached him

Okay *UNINTELLIGIBLE  are they arguing, or

No, uh they're hugging right now actually,

Oh my gosh, no he threw her down.  


He's throwing her into traffic.  So, um but he had *UNINTELLIGIBLE

Does he have weapons on him?

Not that I know of but he threw her in traffic right now.  


And he's running away.

Where's he running to is he still on Bernal or Main still?

Uh, we're on Main

Okay where is he - on Bernal or on Main?

Um, Main.


Is he going down towards the Starbucks?

No he's on the street


Okay but is he on Main?

Oh, he's on the, he should be on the side closest to Starbucks. Yeah.



Can you guys still see him from where you are?

Uh, yeah, kind of *UNINTELLIGIBLE

Okay where's the girl?


She's on the street right now.  Oh, there's an officer

Okay.  Do you see the officers?


Okay. What's your name?

Okay.  Can we call you if we have any questions?

Oh yeah sure.

Okay.  Thanks very much

Oh you're welcome.






*UNINTELLIGIBLE a police officer emergency unit, my son is, something's wrong with him and he's running through the cars right here on Main St. right in front of Sherwood Gardens. Please have an officer come

What's the nearest cross street that he's near ma'am

*UNINTELLIGIBLE Right now, running through Sherwood Gardens

Okay, what's your, what's your cross street

*UNINTELLIGIBLE he's in the middle of the street *UNINTELLIGIBLE Jose! Jose!

What's the street, what's the cross street ma'am?

What are you doing?


What you doing? *UNINTELLIGIBLE in background


What are you doing? *UNINTELLIGIBLE voice in background *UNINTELLIGIBLE moaning and screaming  What are you doing?  What's wrong?  *UNINTELLIGIBLE

*UNINTELLIGIBLE  *UNINTELLIGIBLE moaning in background  What's wrong?


*UNINTELLIGIBLE yelling and screaming stop it, what are you doing


*UNINTELLIGIBLE yelling and screaming





*UNINTELLIGIBLE yelling and screaming


*UNINTELLIGIBLE yelling and screaming




*UNINTELLIGIBLE screaming and moaning


*UNINTELLIGIBLE screaming and yelling  

*UNINTELLIGIBLE Hey! Get off of her! Get off of her! Get off her *UNINTELLIGIBLE


*UNINTELLIGIBLE moaning and screaming

*UNINTELLIGIBLE get on your stomach get on your stomach

*UNINTELLIGIBLE moaning and screaming


*UNINTELLIGIBLE get on your stomach get on your stomach

*UNINTELLIGIBLE on your stomach


Get on your stomach, get on your stomach *UNINTELLIGIBLE


Get on your stomach


Get on your stomach


*UNINTELLIGIBLE get on your stomach, get on your stomach, get on your stomach

Jose! Jose!

Get on your stomach


Get on your stomach

Please be careful with my son

Get on your stomach or you'll get hit

*UNINTELLIGIBLE sirens and yelling

*UNINTELLIGIBLE Jose!  Sirens and yelling





Yeah there's a man screaming and laying on the floor right here on N. Main and Bernal St.

Right. We got a call on him. What's he doing?

He's screaming and laying on the middle *UNINTELLIGIBLE trying to detain cars and running around yelling

Okay, all right. Do you know who he is or why he's out there?

No, *UNINTELLIGIBLE we're already past him

Sounds good, we're on our way

Bye bye

Thank you




Hi, this is (edited out) I'm on N. Main and W. Bernal and there is a man in the middle of the road doing pushups and hollering and  holding up traffic and stuff like that

Okay would you like to leave your name or phone number?

Um (edited out)

*UNINTELLIGIBLE okay, *UNINTELLIGIBLE  and he's in the roadway doing pushups, correct?


And is he doing anything else?  

He's just screaming, I can't understand what he's saying and uh *UNINTELLIGIBLE

Okay ma'am  did he *UNINTELLIGIBLE anyone or anything like that?

Not that I know of, no, I didn't see anything of that.

Okay ma'am. Thank you very much for the call. Thank you.




911 what's your emergency?

Yeah, we have a gentleman in all black laying in the street on N. Main and Bernal.

Okay. *UNINTELLIGIBLE Is he white, black *UNINTELLIGIBLE or Hispanic?


East or West Bernal?

Uh, on the corner of W. Bernal and N. Main.  Right in front of the um the complex there.

Is he laying on N. Main or W. Bernal?

He was, he was on N. Main.

Is he still down on the ground?

No, he's not right now, cuz I guess a lot of people were honking their horns *UNINTELLIGIBLE something obviously

Okay. Where is he now?

I don't see him *UNINTELLIGIBLE I just wanted to let you guys know in case something happens

Okay. Did you want to leave your name and number?

Um, no.

Okay. Thank you for calling in.

Thank you thank you.




Ah, yes, um I'm on N. Main St. um N. Main and Bernal and there's a guy running in the middle of, the middle of the street in front of cars and he was doing pushups in the middle of the street

Where's this at? N. Main and where?

N. Main and Bernal.

Any description of him?

Um he's wearing a black jacket, black pants, and I think he had long black hair in a ponytail. Hispanic.

Okay. We'll take a look. Thank you.

Uh huh. Thank you.




911 um I got a guy who's *UNINTELLIGIBLE N. Main St. Mexican guy long hair, black looks like a black sweatshirt, he looks like he's dragging a lady out in the street in traffic.  Anybody reported it already?

Wearing a black jacket and his hair is in a ponytail?


He's dragging a female now?

He's dragging the female now all around *UNINTELLIGIBLE back in traffic



What is she wearing?

Uh, I'm not top sure *UNINTELLIGIBLE closer by the Jack in the Box.

And is he dragging her by the hair or

He's just pulling *UNINTELLIGIBLE dragging her out in traffic  *UNINTELLIGIBLE

*UNINTELLIGIBLE still out there

Do you see the officer in the area?

I think there's officers in the area.

Do you want *UNINTELLIGIBLE  anybody?


They got him.

What's your name?

(edited out)  

I'm sorry, what is it?




You need a police unit over here on Bernal and W. Main St. There's a guy on the street beating up his wife or girlfriend.

I'm sorry is this E. Bernal and N. Main?


Okay and is he White, Black or Hispanic.

Pardon me?

Does he have a ponytail?

Say that again?

Does the person have a ponytail?



Yes, he's beating up his wife out here.

Are you sure the officers aren't with him right now?

Pardon me?

Are you sure that the officers aren't with him right now?

Oh yeah, I see sirens right now. Uh, they're on the southbound side.

Okay. Are you sure though it's not the Hispanic male with the black jacket?

Yeah he's got a ponytail and a *UNINTELLIGIBLE  backpack *UNINTELLIGIBLE.

The female. Is she Black, White or Hispanic?


The female. Is she White, Black or Hispanic?

Okay the police are here.

Thank you sir. Bye.



Police dispatch.

Hi, you have a man in the middle of the road on Salinas on N. Main Bernal. He's caught straight in the middle of the lanes. He's crossing lanes over. There're cars everywhere and I actually saw a police car drive by past him. Can you get help please?

He's running back and forth across the street?

Yup. He's in the road. You'll see him. He's got long dark hair and he's Hispanic. He's wearing dark clothes, looks to me like he's around 30 and he's having a psychotic episode.

What makes you think he's having a psychotic episode?

He's running in the traffic and laying in the street.

Is he running back and forth or running towards traffic.

He's in the traffic running back and forth jumping on cars running on cars.

Jumping on top of the cars?


As they're moving?

Yes. Okay, I hear sirens. Someone's on their way now. I had to do my duty and call you.

Okay thank you.

Okay bye.




Oh um hey, we've got somebody over here in front of the stadium on Main St., S. Main St.

N. Main.

Oh, N. Main. This guy is dragging this girl beating the shit out of her in the middle of the aisle.

Okay. Um, what street are you on?

We're on N. Main St. We're right in front of *UNINTELLIGIBLE.

What the fuck?

Are you nearby *UNINTELLIGIBLE or are you nearby Bernal?

No we're right-never mind. There are two cops right here. Never mind.

We have two cops in the area looking for them.

Yeah, never mind they got his ass.


They got his ass.

They got him?

Yeah, they got him.

Okay, thank you.




Hi, there's someone uh there's a man beating up a woman in front of rodeo on the street.

Can you see any officers there with him?

Um, I saw I saw a couple in a black. The black guy was driving away. I just I just didn't want it to not be reported.

Okay we do have quite a few people calling in and we do have officers on the way. What's your name? All right, can you see where he is now?

Um, they're  *UNINTELLIGIBLE. I did see someone in a black shirt, but I already drove off but I didn't want to not report it so.

Okay, thank you very much.

Thank you.




911 what is your emergency?

Hi, um something happened here in the rodeo complex and one of the guys took off in a in a white car so I don't know if he knew that person in a white car but he just jumped in the white car a Honda like--

And was the male Black, White or Hispanic?

Oh, gosh he must have been Hispanic. I didn't really pay attention but he was wearing all black.


Yeah, and he--

Was it a white car?

Yeah it was a Honda a Honda Civic with--

Which way, which way did he go?

On Bernal if you go straight so-uh I don't know if it's still Bernal like if you go down the um the other side of um the Sherwood Shopping Center.

Okay, so he went out and he was going southbound Main St. when he pulled out?

No, they were going they were right in front of a complex.


So this car-




So this car was behind traffic the Honda and this guy just got into the car the white car. He went in there. I don't know if he knows that person he just jumped in the car and the car reversed um to get out of the way like from the cops like to get away from the cops and then they left. Um, yeah the car kept on going on Bernal and the license plate I got to get was it was um (edited out). I didn't get the last four.

Okay so last seen on Bernal going towards Natividad?

No. It was going towards the other side of Bernal behind the Sherwood Gardens *UNINTELLIGIBLE .

So he jumped into the white white Honda?



So I don't know if he knows them or he just jumped in there with no permission. Maybe that person's scared.

Okay so I'll just put that in the details. So he's going westbound on W. Bernal.

Yes, he left behind the shopping center of um Sherwood.

Okay. Got it. And your name please? (edited out). What's your first name? (edited out). Okay. And last name please? (edited out).Okay great yeah, we'll put that in.

Thank you. Bye.





Hi. Um, my daughter and I were the ones that called in on the incident on Bernal and N. Main


I wanted to make sure that the officer who gave our number *UNINTELLIGIBLE to call us back for a statement because we're the ones that saw everything from start to finish, and there was a lot of people recording just the back end of it.

What's your name?

(edited out)

What's your last name?

(edited out)

And what's the number you can be reached at?



I'll ask




What's your emergency?

I know the police officers know me by name and I was told *UNINTELLIGIBLE the police *UNINTELLIGIBLE were at the corner where I live at were beating up a man

Who's beating up a man?



Yes, hello?

I'm here, I'm trying to understand what you're saying. Who is beating up a person?

I have been dealing with police officers since they murdered my son and I *UNINTELLIGIBLE backed up *UNINTELLIGIBLE I'm letting the law

Okay. Is there an emergency this evening?

Yes, that somebody from the corner store, *UNINTELLIGIBLE Mart, told me that the cops were beating up a gentleman out there in the streets. Beating him up

Where did this occur though, ma'am? Where did it occur?


N. Main St. and what's the cross street?


Bernal.  Okay.


*UNINTELLIGIBLE Mart, and you walk down, you know, you know right across the park, several parks *UNINTELLIGIBLE and they *UNINTELLIGIBLE  they they okay they told me that the cops were beating up

Who's they?

Who's they?

Yeah. Who, who were you speaking to


Original Police Department Press Release

Assault with a deadly weapon, Assault on an officer causing injury, resisting arrest

Release Date/Time: 6/6/2015 4:40 PM
Incident: Assault with a deadly weapon, assault on an officer causing injury, resisting arrest
Date: Friday, 6/5/2015
Time: 7:14 PM
Location: N. Main St / Bernal Dr.

Officers were dispatched to N. Main St. north of Bernal Dr. for a male screaming, running into traffic and jumping on cars on N. Main. He was then reported to be trying to throw a woman (who turned out to be his mother) into traffic in front of cars. Initially, two officers responded and saw Jose Velasco, 28, slamming the female's body into the pavement of the northbound lane of N. Main Street while heavy traffic was passing by. The victim had also called in about her son running in traffic and at one point tried to grab him and pull him out of the roadway. As the officers tried to get Velasco off of his mother by pulling him away, Velasco began to violently resist and attacked the officers. At one point early in the fight, Velasco was able to grab hold of an officer's TASER while it was still in its holster on the officers body and tore it free.  Two TASER deployments were attempted on Velasco, neither having any effect on him.     Additional officers arrived and Velasco continued fighting. As other officers arrived on scene, Velasco continued to struggle and resist, eventually needing 5 officers and the use of batons to control and place him into handcuffs.  Velasco was subsequently transported to Natividad Medical Center for evaluation and treatment for injuries.  While in route to the hospital,  Velasco battered both a Salinas Police Officer and a Salinas Fire Paramedic by grabbing them through the rails on the gurney and attempting to bite them. Ultimately at the hospital  he had to be chemically restrained. Upon release from the hospital, Velasco was booked for several felony sections and parole violation.

Release Authorized by: Stan Cooper
Telephone: (831) 758-7250

# # #








Standoff-Suicidal Subject

Release Date/Time: 6/8/2015 10:06 PM

Incident: Standoff-Suicidal Subject

Report #: 15060459

Date: Monday, 6/8/2015

Time: 7:58 PM

Location: 2143 n. Main - Cemetery

Salinas Police received a call from the girlfriend of of a 24-year old male reporting that her boyfriend was in the cemetery behind a church and was suicidal. Officers arrived and found the man sitting in the cemetery with a 5" hunting knife to his throat. A crisis team member from Behavioral Health responded along with patrol. A patrol officer trained in crisis intervention (CIT) initiated contact and maintained negotiations with the man. After an hour, the man voluntarily put down the knife and surrendered without incident and no force was used. He was uninjured and taken to a local hospital for mental health evaluation. This indivdual forced a standoff in the exact same location on June  2, 2014 in which he held a knife to his throat and threatened suicide. In that incident, a 90-minute negotiation resulted in his voluntary surrender, as well.

Release Authorized by: Sheldon Bryan

Telephone: (831) 758-7250

Fatal Traffic collision update

Release Date/Time: 6/8/2015 3:21 PM

Incident: Fatal Traffic collision update

Report #: 15-060333

Date: Saturday, 6/6/2015

Time: 11:40 AM

Location: West Laurel Drive and Adams Street

At the listed date and time, Dean Nielsen, 32, was driving his Honda Shadow motorcylce e/b on West Laurel Drive approaching the traffic light at Adams Street. It appears that the light turned green just as Nielsen reached the intersection. As he continued through the intersection, a black Chevy Malibu, driven by Mary Gutierrez, 50, pulled out of the driveway of the Laurel Inn directly in front of Nielsen. Nielsen struck the Malibu broadside. He suffered major head and chest injuries and died on scene. Salinas Fire Paramedics attempted CPR on Nielsen to revive him but were unable to do so.

The cause of the collision is still under investigation.

Release Authorized by: Gerard Ross

Telephone: (831) 758-7250


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