Recruit Police Officer

Police Recruit is an Entry Level position. This page is also for current academy attendees. After selection, Police Recruits attend a Police Academy for basic police training. Once graduated, Recruits are promoted to sworn Police Officers.


Be a U.S. citizen or have applied for citizenship before application is submitted.

Have a valid California Driver’s License.

Have a high School diploma or GED.

Be at least 20½ at time of application and 21 years of age at time of appointment.

Be able to pass the medical/fitness test, a thorough background check, a polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, and a drug & alcohol screening test.


Step 1: Complete ONE of the below written examinations:

· PELLETB: Complete the California P.O.S.T. Reading and Writing Test (PELLETB). Pass Point is a T-Score of 48 or higher. (Results valid for 1 year.) For more information or to register go to: (This test is preferred for those who reside in California.)


· National Testing Network (NTN): Complete the national Testing Network Test (NTN). Pass Point scores are 65% Video, 70% Reading, and 70% Writing. (Results valid for 1 year.) For more information or to register go to

Step 2: Complete a physical agility test.

The Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB)

Applicants missing this test may still apply and participate in an interview, but it must be completed with a passing score before the department begins a background investigation. The Salinas Police Department will only accept results from South Bay Regional Public Training Consortium. For more information, please visit (SPD plans to begin hosting WSTB testing soon. Watch for updates to this page.)

The Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB) consists of:

· 99-yard obstacle course

· 32-foot body drag (165 lbs.)

· 6-foot chain link fence climb

· 6-foot solid wall climb

· 500 yard sprint

· 1.5 Mile Run

Step 3: Submit an application with passing written examination results. (Those missing the test results will not be invited to an interview.)

The application can be found by following the link below. Either select

“Police Recruit (Entry Level)”


“Police Recruit (Current Academy Attendee)” if you are attending a California Basic Academy